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Welcome students and parents to my homework and information website.  This website will be updated every few days to ensure that students and parents are well aware of homework and assignment due dates.  I have also included my classroom expectations so that everyone has a clear understanding of how our classroom community works.

Reading, writing, and comprehension are skills that every student needs to provide them with a foundation for all learning.  Our classroom community is focused on building literacy skills through different activities that include reading a variety of literary genres, writing paragraphs and essays, engaging in class and group discussions, participating in group and individual projects, and creating class presentations.  I strive to promote reading for pleasure through silent reading and independent novel studies.  I encourage parents to support this by engaging students in conversations about the novels they are reading and perhaps, even reading along with them.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and input into the progress of your son/daughter.  I believe that students are the most successful when teachers and parents work together in an open and collaborative manner.  I do encourage that students speak to me first regarding any concerns that they have about their progress before parents and I speak so that we can resolve issues as directly as possible.  Your support is important and greatly appreciated.

I can be contacted by email at peggy.chow@burnabyschools.ca or by telephone at 604 296 6880 ext. 605114.

I look forward to a wonderful year with your son/daughter.


Ms P. Chow

English & Criminology Teacher

BA, BEd, MEd, Doctoral Candidate